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SRISTI strives to match the sophisticated lifestyles of conscious customers by blending high-quality with unique taste and design. Every SRISTI furniture piece testifies to the commitment of the brand to a luxury-focused lifestyle philosophy. SRISTI dedicates its style through furniture that is designed to offer warmth and comfort for sumptuous living and rich delight in one’s own home. The main strength of SRISTI lies in the consistency and the perfect balance between exquisite tradition and luxurious fashion and comfort.

Within the walls of the historic arts capital of India, known as Calcutta, SRISTI craftsmen are skillfully applying the finishing touches for their latest designs. The SRISTI combines prestigious style with state of the art mechanization with machines sourced directly from Italy.
SRISTI collects the best materials and gathers inspiration from all over the world, translating them into one of a kind furniture pieces. High gloss lacquer finishes, mother of pearl and shell inlays, exotic plantation wood species, cross-cut veneers, sculpted marble, and polished laser-cut steel are just a few of the elements used in the SRISTI collection.

SRISTI aims to create distinct pieces of living art through luxurious furniture and interior design built for comfort, durability, reliability, and style.

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